Check-in at the counter

At Frankfurt Airport, there are numerous check-in options: Late night check-in, automatic check-in, check-in at the long-distance train station as well as airline counters.

  • Put rechargeable batteries, power banks and e-cigarettes inside your carry-on bag
  • Follow the rules on liquids and gels in carry-on bags (100 ml containers in a plastic bag with a max. capacity of 1 liter)
  • Don't take any prohibited items (e.g. blades longer than 6 cm, pepper sprays, ect.)
  • Please arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure

At the check-in you are required to show the following documents

  • Airline Ticket
  • ID card or passport
  • Depending on your destination and if appropriate, a visa
  • If applicable, corona-related documents

This is how check-in works

  • The luggage will be checked in after weighing and automatically conveyed to the aircraft
  • Cabin baggage remains in the possession of the passenger
  • You will receive your boarding pass, which also displays the departure gate and seat reservation

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