FRA SmartWay

Book exclusive access to the security control

Our new free service allows you to conveniently book a time slot for the security checkpoint, either at home or on the go. Your booking will entitle you to exclusive access to the checkpoints, helping you to avoid lengthy waiting times, plan your stay better and make your airport experience even more stress-free.

When you click “Book now”, you will leave the Frankfurt Airport website and be taken to the booking platform of our external service provider, "Clear". Please note the privacy policy and terms and conditions of use.

Pre-book your free slot for security control

  • Less waiting time at the security checkpoint

  • Free service

  • Exclusive access to the security checkpoint

  • Easy booking without registration

  • Group bookings for up to 6 people

  • Booking from 72 hours prior to departure

  • Available for flights in Terminal 1 and 2

You don’t have to register to book; all you need to do is give your e-mail address and flight details. After you have used the free booking service, you will receive e-mail confirmation of your booking. Use the attached QR code and your boarding card to gain access to FRA SmartWay at the security checkpoint.

FRA SmartWay is a service offered by Frankfurt Airport that is currently being trialed at selected security checkpoints.

You will find more information and a list of frequently asked questions in our FAQs.


1. What is FRA SmartWay, and how does it work?

FRA SmartWay allows you to book your own personal time slot for selected security checkpoints at Frankfurt Airport.  All you have to do is book a FRA SmartWay time slot. You will then receive an e-mail containing a QR code that you will use together with your boarding card at the agreed time to access the designated checkpoint. Using FRA SmartWay and having exclusive access to the security checkpoints will enable you to avoid lengthy waiting times and enjoy a stress-free stay.

2. How far in advance can I book a time slot?

You can book a FRA SmartWay time slot from as many as 72 hours prior to departure.  

3. At what times can I use FRA SmartWay?  

FRA SmartWay slots are available 7 days a week throughout most of the day. Please be aware that there are a limited number of slots available and they can get booked up quickly. We therefore recommend that you book as early as possible from 72 hours prior to your flight departure time. If the slots are all booked up for the time you have requested, you can use the general access lanes for the security checkpoint as usual.

4. How much does FRA SmartWay cost?

FRA SmartWay is a free service offered by Frankfurt Airport.

5.  At which security checkpoints and respectively for which flights is FRA SmartWay available?

Currently, the following security controls are equipped and therefore the following flight events are possible:

- Terminal 1, area A (level 2): schengen flights

- Terminal 2, area B west (level 2): schengen and non-schengen flights

- Terminal 2, central control (level 2): schengen flights

To find out if your destination is part of the Schengen Agreement, click here.

1. What information is required to book a FRA SmartWay time slot?

You don’t need to register or apply for a user account to book a FRA SmartWay slot. You will only need to give your e-mail address when you make your booking. Your date of travel, destination airport, airline, flight number and group size will also be required.

2. I’m traveling as part of a group. Can we book the FRA SmartWay time slot all together?

Yes, passengers that are traveling with a group or as a family can book a joint FRA SmartWay slot. Please give the overall size of the group during the booking process. The maximum group size for a time slot is six people.

3. From what age do children require their own FRA SmartWay time slots?

Children require their own FRA SmartWay slots from the age of five. Children up to the age of five can accompany a legal guardian who has booked a FRA SmartWay time slot. If you are traveling as a family, we recommend booking a group slot.

4. Why is my flight not displayed on the FRA SmartWay booking site?

If your flight is not displayed, first make sure that the details you have provided and the flight number are correct. If the information is correct, it could be that FRA SmartWay is not being offered for your flight.

1. Can I cancel or amend my FRA SmartWay time slot myself?

Yes. After you have booked your FRA SmartWay slot, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail, which will contain a link to cancel or move your time slot.

2. Why have I not received e-mail confirmation of my FRA SmartWay time slot? What do I do if I’ve lost my confirmation e-mail?

When booking your FRA SmartWay slot, please make sure that your e-mail address is correct and check the junk or spam folder. If you still can’t find your confirmation e-mail, we would recommend that you rebook. The same applies if you have lost your confirmation e-mail and QR code.

3. What happens if I arrive too late/early for my FRA SmartWay booking?

We provide a 10-minute grace period before and after your time slot. This means you can still use your FRA SmartWay slot if you are running slightly late. If you arrive more than 10 minutes before or after your slot booking time, we would ask you to use the regular security checkpoint.

4. How do I locate the FRA SmartWay lane at the security checkpoints?

The FRA SmartWay lane is appropriately signposted at the checkpoint. You will find your designated checkpoint in your booking confirmation.


1. How do I provide feedback on FRA SmartWay?

We would be pleased to receive your feedback on FRA SmartWay in our online survey. Once you have used your time slot, you will receive an e-mail containing the link to the survey. If you have any questions or comments before then, you can get in touch with us at