Screening of Passengers and Carry-On Luggage

Important information on security check procedures and prohibited items.

At the security checkpoint, you and your belongings are screened to make sure you aren’t carrying any items that are prohibited by the guidelines of the EU or IATA. Your hand luggage and outerwear (e.g. coat or jacket) are x-rayed for this purpose.

You can help reduce waits for those behind you by leaving  small items such as keys, cell phones, coins and travel documents in your coat or jacket. You do not have to remove your jewelry, watch or glasses. You must pass through a security scanner or metal detector while your bags and outerwear are x-rayed.

If you have a heart pacemaker, shunt, or catheter (e.g. for hydrocephalus) or a cochlear implant, please tell a member of the security staff before passing through the metal detector.


Three Tips for the security check:

  • Put small items in jacket pockets (e.g. coins, watches and keys) and take the jacket off
  • Place jackets and liquids in a tray (100 ml containers in a plastic bag with a max. capacity of 1 liter)
  • Place electronic devices in a separate tray (e.g. tablets, e-books and laptops)


Information for passengers departing from Terminal 1, Concourse C and Terminal 2:

In these areas, you and your carry-on luggage are checked just before you enter the departure gate. Please note that the special rules on carrying liquids and gels on board the aircraft also apply in this case, including any purchased duty-free items.

Tips for avoiding hassles:

  • If you are unsure whether you are allowed to carry a certain item in your hand luggage, contact your airline before leaving home to find out. It is a good idea to obtain written confirmation from the airline that the item in question is permitted.
  • If you are denied permission to carry an item through the checkpoint and there is enough time until your flight departs, you may leave it in your car, turn it over to the airline to be carried as checked luggage, or give it to someone who has accompanied you to the airport but is not flying. You can also have the objects placed in a special white bag at the checkpoint. In this case, you receive a claim slip that you can use to retrieve them after your return at one of the luggage storage offices (Baggage Storage) or arrange for them to be sent to you.

Transfer security checks:

Please note that EU regulations may require transferring passengers to clear an additional security check in some parts of Frankfurt Airport.