Lost, Delayed or Damaged Luggage

We apologize if you have been unable to collect your luggage today as usual. There may be various reasons for this:

  • Damage
  • Loss
  • Significant delay at baggage reclaim

Please report your luggage immediately to the airline as damaged or delayed/lost so arrangements can be made for further processing or subsequent delivery to your home or collection at the airport.

An online report is possible with the following airlines:

If your airline is not listed above, please make sure to go to the counter in the baggage claim before leaving, or else contact the airline directly.

*  Information for Lufthansa passengers who have a LH boarding pass for continuing their journey by train or have been rebooked on a train: You can pick up your luggage in the baggage claim area of "Lufthansa ExpressRail", which is located very close to the long-distance train station at Frankfurt Airport. To get there, after exiting this baggage claim follow the signs for “Lufthansa Express Rail”.

Delivery to your home

After you have reported your missing luggage, the airline will keep you informed of its status. Please contact the airline directly or visit its website again to find out about its status or update the information you have provided.

Pickup at the airport

Some airlines let you pick up your delayed luggage yourself at the airport. If this applies, the airline will let you know. Do not go the airport without being contacted first because it will not be possible to issue the item or items to you in these cases. You will be contacted by the airline as soon as your luggage is ready to be picked up.