Luggage Services at the Airport

You are welcome to use our practical services around your luggage.

Baggage Carts  

Found quickly  

The baggage cart system at Frankfurt Airport ensures, that every passenger can find a baggage cart in all public areas, with the exception of the gate and transit areas of the terminals.

You can remove the baggage carts in the check-in counter area, at the baggage claim areas, the terminal driveways, the bus parking areas, and at the entrances to the parking garages and regional and long-distance train stations. After paying a €1 fee, you can simply pull out your baggage cart. When you do not require it any longer, simply push the cart back into one of the depots. The luggage cart fee is payable cashless by credit or debit card.

  • VISA, VPay, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Maestro, American Express und Girocard.

Buggy Rental

New Service: Buggy Rental

New Service: Buggy Rental

Use our new buggy rental service during your stay at Frankfurt Airport. You can hire and return buggies for a fee at the baggage storage area in Terminal 1, Area B, Level 1 (Arrivals).

Please note that the buggies may only be hired for children aged 6-36 months and the child must be able to sit independently. The child must be strapped in at all times during usage. The maximum load is 15 kg.  

Important: Usage on escalators is prohibited!

Fee: 10 € per calendar day, cash only
Deposit: 50€, cash only

A photo ID is mandatory for borrowing.

Baggage Wrapping  

Wrapping suitcases in foil

At Frankfurt Airport, your baggage will be wrapped with a foil on request. You will find baggage wrapping in the baggage storage area in arrival and departure Hall B in Terminal 1 and in Hall D in Terminal 2.

Size   Price
per normal piece of luggage (max. 80x50x30 cm or max. 25kg) €11.00
per bulky luggage (everything larger than normal luggage) €18.00

Baggage storage  

Temporary storage of luggage

Depending on your demand, you can leave your luggage of any kind at our baggage storage for a maximum of 125 days. A reservation is not possible. Remember to pick up your luggage in time. In case of non-collection the luggage will be auctioned. The prices include the VAT of 19%. 

The baggage storage locations are as follows:

  • Terminal 1
    Area B, Level 1 (Arrival)
    Opening hours: daily,   24 hours  
    Phone: +49 69 690 70786
  • Terminal 1
    Area B - C, Level 2 (Departure)
    Opening hours: daily from 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
    Phone: +49 69 690 73277
  • Terminal 2
    Area D, Level 2 (Arrival)
    Opening hours:  daily from 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.
    Phone: +49 69 690 7286

If a passenger urgently needs to pick up his or her baggage at Departure B or in Terminal 2 outside the above-mentioned opening hours, he or she can call the Arrival B baggage room at +49 69 690 70786. In emergencies, the stored baggage can then be handed out with the appropriate waiting time. The telephone number is also noted on the deposit slips.

Size No. of baggage items Duration of storage Price
Regular baggage (90x60x30 cm, max. weight 30kg) 1 short time storage up to 4 hours €7.50
Regular baggage (90x60x30 cm, max. weight 30kg) 1

long time storage

(starting from 4 hours per calender day)


Night tariff normal luggage

(90x60x30 cm, weight max. 30kg)

1 Storage up to 10 hours €10.50
Bulky baggage (max. 120x80x50 cm, weight 40-50 kg) 1 per calender day €14.00
Bulky baggage (bigger than 120x80x50 cm, weight 40-50 kg) 1 per calender day €18.00
Documents (not at the baggage storage facility in Terminal 2 or the one on the departures level Terminal 1) 1 per calender day €8.00
Clothing items/ Winter coats / Jackets 1 per calender day €2.00

Winter Coat Storage

Winter Coat Storage

Winter coats and down jackets can be conveniently stored at the airport. Your jackets and coats are safe at the baggage storage for only 2 euro per day each. The price also applies to longer stays abroad. This service is available in Terminal 1, Hall B (Arrivals) throughout the year and Terminal 2, Hall D (Arrivals) during opening hours.

You can store dangerous items taken from you at the security checkpoint here.
This works as follows:Let your items be packed in white bags at the security checkpoint.You can now store the items in the baggage storage area against payment.After your trip, you can either collect the items yourself or let us send them to you.

Printing important documents

In the three baggage storage locations, you have the option of having your documents and papers printed out. The price per personal printing is €5.00.