Self-service baggage kiosks

At Frankfurt Airport you currently have the option of checking in your luggage at self-service baggage kiosks.

If your airline offers self-service baggage kiosks at Frankfurt Airport, you have the opportunity to use them to give up your luggage.

If you have already received your boarding pass on your mobile phone, online or at a check-in counter, you have the option of checking in your bags at one of the self-service baggage check-in kiosks. You should also have valid travel documents with you. If you are travelling with excess or special baggage, please go straight to a baggage drop-off counter.

  1. Place your boarding pass barcode-side down on the scanner. If you are using a mobile boarding pass, please make sure that your phone’s background light is switched on.
  2. Check the details of your booking which appear on the screen and press Check in baggage if all the details are correct.
  3. Place your first item of baggage on the conveyor belt.
  4. The self-adhesive baggage tag is printed out automatically.
  5. Attach the tag to your bag.
  6. Confirm the removal of your bag on the conveyor belt. You can now check in your other items of baggage.
  7. A receipt will be printed out for your checked baggage. Please retain this receipt until you have collected your bags at your destination airport.
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