Hand Luggage

Please observe the rules on carrying liquids and gels in hand luggage.

Before leaving home, try to pack all containers holding liquids and gels in the bags that you will be checking. Take only the most essential items on board with you.

Containers holding liquids and gels in your carry-on luggage may not be larger than 100 ml and must be placed in a transparent, reclosable plastic bag with a capacity of no more than one liter—for example, an ordinary zippered storage bag. Each passenger may only carry one such one-liter transparent plastic bag containing liquids and/or gels. There are no restrictions on medications (this also includes hand disinfectant) and medically required special foods (e.g. baby food or foods to meet special dietary needs) that you will require during the flight and/or will be difficult or impossible for you to obtain at your destination.




Your boarding pass authorizes you to purchase perfumes, cosmetics, liquors, wines, sweets, toys, games, and accessories at outstanding duty-free prices in our Travel Value and Duty Free Shops.

You may carry duty-free items purchased in a duty-free shop or on a commercial flight through the security checkpoint, provided that they are inside a transparent bag that was sealed by the sales staff when they were purchased. An externally readable document indicating the place and date of purchase must be included.


Please note that other rules may apply to liquids and gels in countries outside the EU. Especially if you will be transferring at Frankfurt Airport, it is essential for you to keep your purchases in the described sealed bags without opening them until you reach your final destination.


We therefore recommend that you inquire about the applicable rules on liquids and gels before beginning your trip, for example by contacting a consulate or embassy of the country you are traveling to.