Flight simulator of a Boeing 737

Experience the heights while keeping your feet grounded

Welcome on board! Discover destinations all over the world and find out what pilot potential lingers in you! Now, you have the opportunity to become the driver of the flight simulator located at the Frankfurt Airport and experience what it is like to be in charge of a Boening 737.

You can take off and land at the Frankfurt International Airport or on thousands of other international airports. You receive an appropriate introduction of a professional pilot. This is the perfect way to counteract fears of flying or prepare yourself for a longer flight, Also, you receive an exclusive insight into the tasks of aircraft-dependent passenger transportation.  Offers including the introduction and different flight schedules start at EUR 99.

For a very unique experience you can also combine the flight simulation with a subsequent round trip on the apron. For instance, an ideal way to supplement this experience is to go on an airport tour-  (Starter Tour, bookable on site). You will find more information here.

More information about the flight simulator can be found via: www.joffi.com

The flight simulator center can be found in the AiRail Check In area on the left side, next to the Fraport AG counter.

Conditions for participation:

Participants have to be at least 12 years old and your weight must not exceed 100 kilograms (220 lbs) and you should not be taller than 195 cm.