EU-Vaccination Certificate

Get your free EU-Vaccination Certificate at the airport

The digital EU vaccination certificate has been available free of charge for German citizens and residents at pharmacies at Frankfurt Airport since July 1st, 2021. A Vaccination certificate and a valid ID are required to receive the digital certificate.

The following persons are eligible:

  • Those who are fully insured in Germany under the statutory or private health insurance scheme
  • Those who have their domicile or habitual place of residence in Germany
  • Those who are staying in Germany for medical treatment
  • German citizens residing abroad, provided the vaccines are licensed in the EU
  • Soldiers on foreign deployment
  • Those representing Germany in other countries
  • Those  in German political foundations abroad, crisis prevention, development cooperation, cultural institutions as German citizens in international organizations
  • Members of the US Army in Europe

Recovery certificates as well as recovery vaccination certificates are also available at the Metropolitan Pharmacy:  

The following requirements apply for recovery certificates: Presentation of a 29-day-old positive PCR test. The validity of the certificate of recovery can only be issued for the period from day 29 to 180 after the positive PCR test.  

For recovery vaccination certificates, a positive PCR test and documentation of the follow-up vaccination must be submitted.

The service is currently offered at the Metropolitan Pharmacies in Terminal 1, Shopping Boulevard, Area B, and The Squaire.