FAQ Covid-19

Frequently asked questions referring Covid-19.

General information

Since December 8, 2019, cases of respiratory disease caused by a new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) have emerged in Wuhan, the capital of central China's Hubei province. Animal markets are believed to be the original source of infection. Transmission from human to human is possible. The following symptoms may occur after an incubation period of 2–14 days:

  • fever
  • cough
  • difficulty breathing

It is recommended to cough and sneeze into your elbow instead of into your hand, while keeping a safe distance from other people in order to prevent spreading diseases. Regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

Avoid touching your face and shaking hands with others, and keep a distance of about one to two meters from infected persons.

Regularly washing your hands with soap and water is enough. If you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands regularly, you may use disinfectant instead. Please keep in mind, however, that excessive use can harm the skin. You may also occasionally apply a virucidal disinfectant (while following the instructions).  

Disinfectant is not subject to the ban on liquids over 100ml for hand luggage and may be carried in larger quantities outside the plastic bag.

At the airport

Since  Saturday, April 2 2022, you are not obligated to wear a face mask at the Frankfurt Airport’s passenger terminal anymore. This decision was in line with the respective ordinance of the State of Hesse. Despite the mask mandate being lifted, we strongly encourage passengers and visitors to continue wearing face masks when at FRA. In particular, face masks are recommended in those areas where social distancing is not always possible. These areas include the check-in desks, passenger screening points, the departure gates and baggage claim. To best protect yourself and others from Covid-19, face masks should also be worn on passenger busses and when using the Sky Line shuttle between Terminals 1 and 2.

Yes. Many shops at the airport sell protective masks, disinfectant gel and disinfecting wipes.

We continue to follow the general regulations for a minimum distance and ask you to keep the distance of 1.5 meters from other people wherever possible.

Disinfectant dispensers are available for your use in the terminal areas. We also recommend that you regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning at the airport and regularly sanitize all touchable surfaces in our terminals and vehicles.

These infection control measures were awarded the with the quality seal "Safe from Covid-19" by TÜV Hesse, the technical inspection association of the state of Hesse. Frankfurt first received this award, as the first German airport, in 2020. Recertification took place in 2021 and most recently in March 2022. This confirms that Frankfurt Airport continuously adapts the extensive protection and hygiene measures to the challenges of the ongoing Covid19-situation and that traveling from FRA is safe.

  • Please keep a distance of two arm lengths from others.
  • Prepare for control!
    • Please bring only one piece of hand luggage for inspection!
    • Check in all other pieces of baggage and all liquids over 100 ml! (Disinfectant is not subject to the ban on liquids over 100ml for hand luggage and may be carried in larger quantities outside the plastic bag)
    • Store all the contents of your pockets, your mobile phone and your wristwatch in your cabin baggage or your jacket
    • Take larger electronic items (laptops, tablets, medical devices) and the one litre bag out of your cabin baggage before checking!
  • Please only enter the checkpoint when requested and pay attention to the instructions of the security staff.
  • Place the following items in the baggage trays:
    • Bag / trolley
    • Larger electronic items (laptops, tablets, medical devices)
    • One-litre bag
    • Outerwear (jackets, coats, etc.)
    • Shoes
    • Belt
  • After passing through the person control, go to an assigned control place. The screener will scan you from the side or behind. If necessary, you may be asked to put down more items and go through the person control again.
  • Please put your luggage trays back on your own.

As usual, we offer you a parking space at any time. Please follow the traffic and parking guidance system to the free parking spaces. Of course, you can still book parking spaces for your journey in advance. Simply use our online shop:  parken.frankfurt-airport.com.

We also answer frequently asked questions regarding parking at Frankfurt Airport: Parking FAQs

Testing possibilities

At the airport, there are various test options for returning travelers as well as for departing passengers. All information can be found  here.  Please note that these testing opportunities at the airport are available exclusively to arriving and departing passengers.

Transfer at the airport

Returning or transferring passenger do not need to present a 3G verification anymore, unless you are entering from an area with known cases. Passengers who are simply changing flights at an airport in the Federal Republic of Germany coming from an area with active cases must comply with the obligations to provide proof of vaccination, recovery or testing specified in the Ordinance on the Coronavirus Entry Regulations.

Further information can be found  here.

Travel restrictions, border Control and Quarantine

Since June 11, 2022, all  enter restrictions  to Germany have been lifted.

Provided that entry is possible according to the current entry restrictions (see above), the following pandemic-related regulations apply to entry:  

In general, returning passenger  do not need  to present a 3G verification anymore, unless they are entering from an area of variants of concern. Currently, no countries are designated as areas of variants of concern, so no further regulations apply. For more information, please refer to the Coronavirus Entry Regulations.

As of right now there are no countries that are currently designated areas with active cases of concern. There are currently no quarantine regulations.

Individual travel advice for your destination

Individual travel advice for your destination

What should you know before traveling to another country? Depending on your route, nationality, and vaccination status, you may need to meet different requirements during the Covid-19 pandemic. Take advantage of our practical  tool to get up-to-date information on travel conditions and required documents. Simply select your trip details and other parameters to get a personalized summary.

About the information tool

Further information on the comprehensively differentiated travel and security advisories or travel warnings for individual countries can be found at the  Federal Foreign Office and the Robert Koch Institute.

Please also inform yourself before your trip about the entry regulations for the return to Germany.