FAQs at the Airport

Medical first aid can be reached by calling: +49 (0)69 690-44444.

For the airport clinic, dial: +49 (0)69 690-66767. For minor injuries, passengers can find everything they need at the Metropolitan Pharmacy:

  • Terminal 1, Departure Hall B
  • Terminal 2, Level 3 at the stairway to the SkyLine transport system

In addition, all important telephone numbers are available at a glance at all information kiosks.

The airlines at Frankfurt Airport can issue a replacement boarding pass to any passenger.

If you are at the security checkpoint, you can get help at check-in. If you have already passed through security, the staff of the respective airline will be happy to help you at the gate.

In many cases, the Federal Police at Frankfurt Airport can help. The authority can issue passport replacement papers for German citizens that are valid in all EU countries and in some other countries. The validity is limited to the duration of the trip and to a maximum of one month. For passengers with other nationalities, there is the option of obtaining an "emergency travel document".

This must be accepted by the destination country.

Locations: Terminal 1, Departure Hall A as well as any guard in the transit area.