Fraport Visitor Center

Welcome to the Fraport Visitor Center, the new world of experience at Frankfurt Airport! Come check out fascinating multimedia and interactive exhibits on 1,200 square meters of space! Immerse yourself in the universe of one of the Earth’s leading international air traffic hubs! Gripping 360° experiences, impressive augmented reality applications, exciting hands-on stations, fascinating glimpses of entire airport worlds that normally remain hidden behind the scenes: you can look forward to experiencing Frankfurt Airport in an entirely new way.

Dear guests,

during the Easter vacations, an Easter egg hunt of a special kind awaits you and your family in our visitor center. Will you and your little ones manage to discover all our hidden Fluggis in the visitor center and figure out the solution word? Great prizes and lots of fun are waiting for you!

An online ticket is required for the visitor center, you can get it here.

Please note that your order has been successfully completed only upon receipt of the tickets.

We look forward to your visit!

Your Fraport Visitor Service Team

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The recreational facilities at Frankfurt Airport are subject to the Hesse Corona Contact and Operating Restriction Ordinance (CoKoBev) dated April 02, 2022.


  • An online booking (incl. time slot)
  • A valid photo ID for identification

No other proof is required at this time.

For everyone's safety, the number of people allowed to be at our airport recreation facilities at one time is limited. Please arrive at the airport on time, otherwise your admission cannot be guaranteed.

We would also like to politely inform you that unfortunately it is not possible to bring animals into the visitor center. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are permitted in the Visitor Center.

  • Tickets for the visitor center are only available from our online ticket shop and must be obtained in advance.
  • Only persons whose data have been entered in the Webshop beforehand (exception: children under four) may access the visitor center.
  • Please make sure to observe our hygiene rules.

Please note that your order has been successfully completed only upon receipt of the tickets.

Due to a system change, previous vouchers can unfortunately no longer be redeemed. To exchange these vouchers, please kindly send an e-mail with a photo of the voucher to

Per Person 12 Euro      

Reduced tickets

Upon presentation of the appropriate ID: children of age 4 – 7, pupils, trainees, students, seniors over 65 years of age, persons with a B entered in the severely disabled pass and their accompanying person.

10 Euro      
Children younger than 4 frei/free      
Monday - Sunday    11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

When arriving by plane

The Fraport Visitor Center is located in Terminal 1, Concourse C, Departures next to “Gate C1”, just steps from the piers.

When arriving by car

Parking is available in the multistory parking structure at Terminal 1, which has more than 10,000 parking spaces. Drive into the P2 or P3 entrance. From there it is only a short walk to the terminal and the Fraport Visitor Center. For more information, please go

When using a GPS system

Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 1, postal code 60547Alternatively: Parking P2/P3

When arriving by taxi or in a chauffeured car

Drive in the direction of “Terminal 1, Departure C.” Follow the signs to “Gate C1.”

When using public transportation

When taking a suburban train (S-Bahn), get out at Frankfurt Airport and walk up the stairs (there is also an elevator). Airport City Mall starts there. Regional and long-distance buses stop in front of Terminal 1. Follow the signs to “Terminal 1, Departures C, Gate C1.”

Our exhibition at a glance

Light routes

Light routes

The impressive light routes snake through the visitor center over 325 meters and two floors. They precisely trace the flight paths on which the large jets take off and land. Moving running lights represent planes taking off and landing. The frequency of the running lights is based on the actual traffic at our airport in 2019.

The Globe

The Globe

Unique worldwide: The Globe is the innovative centerpiece of our visitor center. The 25 m² screen wall shows the entire global air traffic on the basis of real-time data. The large network of worldwide connections and the complexity of international air traffic can only be experienced so impressively in the new visitor center at Frankfurt Airport.

Airport City Model

Airport City Model

The 55 m² Airport City Model is a true-to-scale model of the entire Frankfurt Airport. Go on a discovery tour with the help of tablets and explore the individual areas of Airport City - you can get to know over 80 airport facilities in the form of texts, photos, videos and 360-degree visualizations and thus get inside airport areas that you would otherwise never see.

Motion Ride

Motion Ride

Our baggage transport system is the heart of our airport. With the help of VR glasses and synchronously controlled seats, all the brave ones can experience a fast ride through the belly of our airport. Guests can feel every incline and every curve in real time. Exciting discovery tours into worlds that cannot be experienced otherwise are guaranteed here!

Children's Stations

Children's Stations

Here, our younger guests feel as if they were on the airfield themselves, up close and personal with the planes. They can take on the role of an apron controller, listen to original radio sequences, let airport mascot Fluggi take off, crack the high score in one of the tablet games as a ramp agent or baggage loader, or direct an aircraft to its parking position as a marshal.