Parking with the Wallet

The mobile parking card with automatic update and other extras

Online booking of a parking space in the parking garages at Frankfurt Airport is becoming increasingly popular. The mobile parking card further optimizes the travel process.

Online fares

The mobile parking card contains all the necessary booking data and can be stored in the smartphone wallet with just one click.

As soon as you are in the vicinity of the airport, the mobile parking card automatically appears on the lock screen of your smartphone thanks to the GPS signal - saving you a number of steps at the crucial moment of entry and exit.

In addition to the QR code, which serves as an entry and exit medium, the mobile parking card summarizes all important information about the parking process at a glance - and updates itself automatically in the event of booking and status changes. Even the information in which parking row and level you are parked is automatically displayed in the mobile parking card. If you do not yet use Wallet, you will still receive the service of a welcome e-mail when you enter the parking lot, which gives information about level and parking row.