Charging Stations

Park and charge your vehicle

Passengers and users of electric vehicles can park and charge their vehicle during their journey. Book online and secure a reserved parking space.

5% parking discount

Benefit when booking online and save an additional 5% on parking with the online coupon code*: Sled2022


1 day from € 48.90

  • Extra wide parking spaces with charging stations

  • Reserved parking rows when booking online

  • Charging up to 11 kW/h

  • Short distances to the check-in

  • Convenient payment with credit card or PayPal

Book online and secure a reserved parking space with up to 11 kw/h.


Access to the reserved charging station:

  • Terminal 1 - Entrance P4, parking row 126
  • Terminal 2 - Entrance P8, parking row U423

Booking requirements:

  • 1 - 44 days parking
  • Book 9 months up to 24 hours before departure
  • Convenient payment with credit card or PayPal

Further charging options without booking:

  • Terminal 1 - Entrance P2, level 14, parking row 1406,  except reserved spaces -  Parking row closed from Jan. 16 to Feb. 06, 2023, due to construction
                    Parking Spaces 1 - 16 (up to 3,7 kW)
                    Parking Spaces 17 - 41 (up to 11 kW), except reserved spaces
  • Terminal 2 - Entrance P9, level U3, parking row U323 (up to 3,7 kW)

Please note that we cannot guarantee you a charging point without booking. The parking spaces are marked, the indicated parking rates apply (see download box). These parking spaces cannot be combined with a Terminal Parking pre-booking.

Please bring your charging cable (standard plug type 2) with you.