License plate detection: New processes at the drop-off-area

Each parking ticket issued at the drop-off-area in front of Terminal 1 is linked to the license plate number of the entering vehicle.

When driving into one of the drop-off-areas at Terminal 1, you must take a parking ticket from the machine. Starting on November 21, 2022, the ticket will be automatically linked to your vehicle’s license plate number, which is printed on the ticket.

You can park free of charge once or twice on the same day for up to 10 minutes each time. In this case, you don’t need to walk to the pay machine. When driving out of the drop-off-area, you simply insert the ticket into the slot. The system scans your license plate number to verify it and opens the exit barrier for you to drive out.

If you park for more than 10 minutes or drive into a drop-off-area a third time on the same day, a fee is charged for the entire duration of that stay. To pay, insert the ticket into one of the on-site machines. When leaving, insert the parking ticket into the machine at the exit. Your license plate number is scanned to verify it, and the barrier then opens for you to drive out.  

It is not possible to drive out with a parking ticket that doesn’t correspond to your vehicle. Please follow the rules for use of the drop-off-area, which are posted on site. Your license plate number is captured in compliance with the applicable data privacy terms and rules. For more information, please visit our  legal information page.