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From Check-In to Departure

Information on traveling with children

How to make traveling with children a more pleasant experience

Arriving at the airport

Baggage carts are available for you to use in the terminals. To take a cart out of one of the many dispensers around the airport, you must pay a one-euro fee.


We offer free strollers rentals at our service points in Terminals 1 and 2 (as long as the supply lasts). Arriving passengers can also borrow strollers at information counter 10 in Transit Hall B. They may be returned at the baggage claim, any gate, or an information counter. For a fee, you can also rent a stroller at the baggage storage room in Terminal 1, Arrival Hall B.

Child Safety Seats

Most airlines let you turn your child safety seat over to their personnel right at the departure gate. Please ask about the procedure when checking in.

Medical Emergencies

If you or your child urgently require medical care, the staff of the Airport Clinic in Terminal 1, Concourse C will look after you.

Changing Diapers and Breastfeeding

All of the large sanitary facilities include separate rooms in which you can change your child’s diapers or breastfeed in privacy. They are equipped with a changing table, a seat, and both hot and cold water.