Dog center

Treat your dog to holidays at Frankfurt Airport

As a dog owner, you’ve probably often wondered what to do with your pet when leaving on vacation or a business trip. We have the ideal solution for you: leave your four-legged pal in competent hands at our luxurious Dog center right at Frankfurt Airport.

On total space of 3,800 square meters, it features 45 kennels. Each of them is at least 20 square meters in size and can be heated when required. Your pooch regularly gets to romp and play in one of 17 large outdoor enclosures in the company of a carefully selected group of other canines.

We can also accommodate your dog by itself if warranted (for example, if it’s a she and in heat or doesn’t get along with other animals).

To maximize your convenience, we also offer you a special gate-to-gate service: we’ll pick your dog up in the departure hall along with his or her belongings. And when you return from your trip, we reunite you in the terminal. The trips to and from the Dog center can also be separately booked.

We’re open for you 365 days a year!



Dog center

Manager Florian Vogel

Cell phone: +49 160 90834225  




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