Press & Books

Press & Books

The airport bookstore Press & Books (P&B) has a wide range of book titles on offer, along with a comprehensive selection of magazines – alpine lifestyle, fishing, gardening, fashion, management, home design, travel, and much more. And if you want a choice of tobacco products, gift items, postcards, sweets, and travel guides, this is the perfect place to come. This store adds to the fun with a lotto counter as well as a Post and Postbank counter! And a P&B Gift Card is a popular gift for every occasion.

Please note:

You will find Press & Books in Terminal 1 at the Airport City Mall close to the airport's regional train station.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

Terminal 1, Area A, Level 0
Opening hours
Mon.-Sat., 08:00-17:00 Sun.-Sun., 09:00-17:00
Payment types
Barzahlung, Visa, Euro/Mastercard, Apple Pay, Kontaktlos zahlen