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Frankfurt Airport

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I’m lost!
Every airport is a little world of its own. And even at Frankfurt Airport, Germany’s largest aviation hub, it’s possible to accidentally walk the wrong way or overlook a sign. In cases like these, passengers can take advantage of a large number of 24-hour services:
– Staffed “Service Points” in the Departures Hall B of Terminal 1 and in the check-in hall of Terminal 2 between Concourses D and E
– Mobile service assistants in the terminal buildings (you can identify them by their red uniform jackets)
– About 100 touchscreen information kiosks in both terminals that can be used in any of eight different languages
– The free Frankfurt Airport App, which serves as your constant personal companion and guide

I’ve hurt myself!
This is a possibility that no traveler likes to think about. But if it ever actually happens, quick help is available at the airport. For medical first aid, call +49 (0)69 690-44444. The number of the airport clinic is +49 (0)69 690-66767. For treating minor injuries and ailments, you’ll find everything you need in the Metropolitan Pharmacy, which has outlets in the B departures hall of Terminal 1 and on level 3 of Terminal 2 (on the way up to the Sky Line shuttle train).
A list of important phone numbers can also be consulted at every information kiosk.

If I need any assistance!
Frankfurt Airport provides free-of-charge assistance to passengers with disabilities or limited mobility. If you need to take advantage of this service, please notify your airline or tour operator at least 48 hours before your flight’s departure.
On the day of your trip, you can either go as usual to the airline’s check-in counter or use one of the Help Points in the terminals (press the call button to make contact with the service personnel). You’ll find them here:
Terminal 1, Level 0 between the regional train station and the parking structure (near the DB Travel Center)
Terminal 1, Level 3 on the pedestrian bridge between the long-distance train station and the Frankfurt Airport Conference Center (FAC)
Terminal 1, Concourse B, on the arrivals level near the Meeting Point
Terminal 1, Concourse B, on the departures level near entrance 6
Terminal 2, check-in area between the D and E departure halls, entrances 5 and 6
You can also book a personal Airport Guide in advance for your trip. Our trained guides speak various languages, are intimately familiar with the airport, and can help you with your travel documents. The “My Airport Guide” service can be booked in the online Service Webshop until 48 hours before your arrival at Frankfurt Airport.
You’ll also find other services and complete information there.

I’ve lost my boarding pass!
On the day of a trip, there is always lots for you to do and think about. It can be easy to misplace or lose something important, like your boarding pass. When that happens, passengers inevitably worry that they might not be allowed to fly.
Fortunately, there’s no reason to panic! The airlines at Frankfurt Airport can provide you with a replacement boarding pass. If it happens before you have gone through the security check, go back to your airline’s check-in counter to get another boarding pass. If you notice it’s missing after the security checkpoint, ask the airline’s personnel at the gate for assistance.

My passport has expired!
It can happen to anyone: while getting ready to travel you forget to check your passport’s validity. Then, while standing in line at the airport, you notice to your horror that it has expired or won’t be valid long enough for your stay abroad. This can endanger your whole trip. But don’t despair right away! The Federal Police (Bundespolizei) at Frankfurt Airport can help in many cases. If you are a German citizen, you can be issued replacement papers that are recognized throughout the EU and in some other countries and are valid for the duration of your trip (up to a maximum of one month). If you are citizen of another country, you have the option of receiving an “emergency travel ID” that the country you are flying to must accept. Go to the police station in Departures Hall A of Terminal 1 or any of the police desks in the transit zones.

I’m traveling with one or more children!
As a service for families, Frankfurt Airport has installed several play areas for children in the transit zones and an adventure playground in the Food Plaza in Terminal 2.
You’ll find separate baby rooms for changing diapers and breastfeeding in all of the large sanitary facilities.
The pamphlet “Traveling with Children” contains additional tips for families with kids.

I need a stroller!
Flying with a small child can be challenging for young and old! For your convenience, Frankfurt Airport lends out strollers free of charge. You can obtain one at Information Counter 10 in Terminal 1, Concourse B. Best of all: instead of taking it all the way back to where you got it, you can simply return it to any airport employee.
Terminal 1, Concourse B, Information Counter 10

I need Wi-Fi!
Want to check your e-mail or surf the Web? No problem! Free Wi-Fi is available to everyone at Frankfurt Airport. You can use it as often and as long as you want, any time of the day or night. If you don’t have a portable device with you, there are also sit-down and stand-up Internet terminals you can use (one hour costs 4.95 euros). You’ll find them in Terminals 1 and 2, both before and after the security checks.

They won’t let me take something!
You’re not allowed to carry large quantities of liquids, aerosols, and gels or any dangerous objects on board the plane.
Things like pocket knives and nail scissors are also classified as dangerous. Fortunately, if you have inadvertently packed something that’s prohibited it doesn’t have to wind up in a trash can. The luggage storage service is also happy to accept these objects and keep them for you to pick up on your return (for a maximum of three months). You’ll find luggage storage offices here:
Free WiFi Frankfurt Airport - Your Gateway to the World!
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Terminal 1, Arrivals B, open daily 24 hours
Terminal 1, between Departures Halls B and C
Terminal 2, Arrivals D

I’ve lost something!
Your vacation is coming up fast and you’re already looking forward to it. Losing a personal item can darken your good mood. The Lost & Found office at Frankfurt Airport will be happy to help you find your missing possession. If it turns up, it will be kept for you for up to three months. This service does not extend to items lost in taxis, train stations, and planes.
Terminal 1, Concourse A, Level 0, open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

I’d like a quiet place to pray!
In these hectic, fast-paced times, it can sometimes do us a world of good to retreat to a quiet place and pray or meditate.
Passengers at Frankfurt Airport can take advantage of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim prayer rooms and chapels to catch their breath and settle their minds. These places of worship are open 24 hours a day. Organized prayers, services, and concerts are also regularly held.
Transit zones:
Terminal 1, after the security and passport checks near Gate B 22.
Terminal 2, after the passport check near Gate D1 (on Level 3)
Terminal 1, Concourse B, Level 3

I need a break!
It happens to everyone! You rise early, rush to get everything ready, have a stressful trip to the airport … and eventually your exhaustion catches up with you. Fortunately, Frankfurt Airport offers four relax zones where you can rest and catch your breath. There are also power sockets for recharging your laptop or other electronic device.
NEW! Terminal 1, Pier A, Gate A 26
Terminal 1, Pier A-Plus
Terminal 1, Pier B, Gates B 42 and B 43
Terminal 2, Pier D, Gates D 1 to D 4
Frankfurt Airport also has lounges that all passengers may use. They include the SKY Lounge in the transit zone of
Terminal 2 (Level 3, Pier D departures) and the LuxxLounge in Terminal 1 (on the gallery next to the travel market between Concourses B and C).
For more details:

I’d like to have a smoke!
If you’d like to relax and enjoy a cigarette in peace before a long flight without bothering other passengers, there are a number of smoking lounges at Frankfurt Airport.
Terminal 1: near Gates A 11, A 23, A 52, A 66, B 23, B 43, Z 11, Z 23, Z 52, and Z 66