FAQ Parking Contract Products

Questions and answers concerning the contract products for parking at Frankfurt Airport

Online application / Products

An application is possible through the online shop parken.frankfurt-airport.com/onlinevertrag. The website is in german only.

An online application is possible for up to 10 parking permits. If you need more than 10 parking permits, please contact us by email (parken.frankfurt@fraport.de).

After submitting the application, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt by email within a few minutes. Your contract documents will be sent together with your parking permit by regular post in a timely manner.



The contract can only start on the first of the next month. A retrospective contract start is not possible. All rental contracts are concluded with a minimum rental period of three months.

You can choose between an open contract end (after the three months have expired, the contractual relationship is automatically extended by a further month) and a fixed contract end (the contract ends automatically on the selected date).

Corporate Parking 365

With this contract product you can park as often and as long (Flatrate) as you want in a reserved parking area for a monthly fixed price of € 255.00 plus VAT.


Corporate Parking Individual

With this contract product you receive an access authorization to a reserved parking area for a monthly service fee of € 8.40 plus VAT. The actual parking transactions are billed monthly transaction based with a discount applied to the total amount of the current Terminal Parking prices.

With this contract product you can park as often and as long as you want in an exclusively reserved parking area with extra wide parking spaces in a prime location at Terminal 1 for a monthly fixed price of € 499.00 plus VAT.

From here you can directly access the central terminal area.



You will receive an invoice every month. If you wish, you can request a SEPA direct debit. Furthermore, you have the option to receive the invoice electronically. Simply register for our e-billing service.

Payment by credit card or PayPal is not possible.

Fraport AG supports paperless billing.

We will be happy to send you your monthly invoice electronically via our e-billing service. For details on how to register, please refer to our Electronic Billing website.

Change / Cancel contract

Please write an email with your new license plate number to parken.frankfurt@fraport.de.

Please always state your contract number or ID number of the display card.

To change the owner, please write an email to parken.frankfurt@fraport.de with the following data's:

  • ID number of the display card
  • Name of the new owner
  • New license plate number

You can cancel your contract by email (parken.frankfurt@fraport.de) subject to the notice periods. After expiry of the three-month minimum contract period, the notice period is four weeks to the end of the month.

The termination must be in written form.


Directions to Terminal 1 / P5

Via the autobahn A3 and A5 or motorway B43 follow the signs "Terminal 2" and turn right at the intersection onto Hugo-Eckener-Ring in the direction of Terminal 1. Follow the road for about 1.5 km and then turn left into the entrance P5. From here, please follow the signs to the appropriate parking level and parking row.

Google Maps - Terminal 1 (P5)


Directions to Terminal 2 / P7

Via the autobahn A3 and A5 or motorway B43 follow the signs "Terminal 2". Before driving up the ramp to Terminal 2, use the entrance P7 on the right-hand side into the underground car park. The entrance is signposted exclusively as "Rental car return". From here, drive to level U1 and into the parking row assigned to you.

Google Maps - Terminal 2 (P7)

At the entry device to the parking row assigned to you, hold your parking card in front of the so-called "sun" (yellow semicircles). The device checks the authorization and opens the barrier. Within the parking row you can select any free parking space.

To exit, follow the signs to the central exit and hold your parking card again in front of the sun at the exit device. The authorization is checked and the barrier opens.

You always must enter and exit with the parking card. If the cycle is violated, you will be rejected at the device.


General / Other

In combination with Corporate Parking or Premium Parking we do not offer charging options during parking currently. We recommend the use of fast charging stations in the vicinity of the airport.

Our parking facilities accommodate vehicles with a maximum permissible weight up to 3.5 tons, a maximum height of 2.10 meters and a maximum length of 5 meters. It is not possible to enter with a larger vehicle, a trailer or a gas-powered vehicle (except natural gas).

Please press the call button at the entry device to your parking row and tell the ID number under the QR code from your display card. Your customer data are then checked by our colleagues from the park-service to confirm that you are entitled to enter and open the barrier for you. The procedure is the same when leaving.

Please send immediately an email to parken.frankfurt@fraport.de indicating the number of your contract and the ID number of your parking card. You can find the ID number of your parking card in your contract.

You can reach our personnel at any time around the clock by pressing the call button at any pay station or at any entry or exit device. If you have any problems or questions, we'll be glad to help you.

Please contact us. We are happy to assist you and look forward to your message.


Fraport AG
Parking and Mobility
60547 Frankfurt am Main


Phone: +49 69 690-79437
Mail: parken.frankfurt@fraport.de
Web: www.frankfurt-airport.com


The telephone service hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. The email processing takes place - depending on the mail volume - promptly.