Rail & Fly

Rail & Fly for your easy train ride to the Airport

Reduced fares from anywhere in Germany to Frankfurt Airport

Rail & Fly lets you ride the train from anywhere in Germany at discount prices. To learn about the details, contact your airline, German Rail (Deutsche Bahn) or your travel agent.


The Rail&Fly offering of the German Rail Company (Deutsche Bahn) can only be booked via your airline, tour operator, or travel agent.

It is available for all partner airlines of the Deutsche Bahn. If you would like to use local public transportation in a participating region or city on your way to catch your flight at Frankfurt Airport, Rail&Fly lets you do so at reduced rates or even free in some cases.

Please note that you must carry a valid photo ID in order to use Rail&Fly. If you have already booked this service and need your ticket, you can access and download it on Access Rail and print it out yourself.