Breathing space - Meditation for body and soul

Invitation of the Protestant Airport Pastoral Care

That is why we live: we breathe. Quite automatically. But how is it to breathe consciously? You can experience it during a meditative breathing break in the chapel.

Day and nights we breathe in and out naturally. And yet breathing is something special. It is wonderful to breathe in consciously, to feel how the chest widens and with it the whole person. Exhaling with pleasure, letting off steam - until all used air is out. And then to experience that without any action on your part - all by itself - fresh breath flows into your lungs. A gift of God since the beginning of the world.

We offer the meditative respite on the third Wednesday of the month from 12 to 12.15 pm. It is led by a Tai chi trainer.

Location: Chapel in Terminal 1, Departure Hall B, Gallery, Room 3080