E-Car Charge Station
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E-Car Charge Station at Frankfurt Airport

Park and charge your vehicle

Passengers and users of electric vehicles can not just park at Frankfurt Airport, but at the same time charge their electro-drive vehicle free of charge.


at Frankfurt Airport

Access for the charging station at Frankfurt Airport:
Book online and receive a guaranteed parking space!
Terminal 1 - Entrance P4, parking row 126 (23 x Typ 2 á 11kW)
Terminal 2 - Entrance P8, parking row U423 (16 x Typ 2 á 11kW)

Further charging options without booking:
Terminal 1 - Terminal Parking
Entrance P2, Level 14 – parking row 1406 (16 x Typ 2 a 3,7 kW)
Terminal 2 - Terminal Parking
Entrance P9, Level U3 - parking row U323 (7 x Typ 2 á 3,7kW)

Please note that we cannot guarantee you a charging point without booking. The parking spaces are marked, the indicated parking rates apply and the electricity is free of charge for you. Please bring your charging cable (standard plug type 2) with you.

Entrance P2
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Entrance P4
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Entrance P8 and P9
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