Car Sharing
Blue carsharing sign in front of a blue sky

Arriving by Car Sharing

Information on getting to the airport in car sharing vehicles

You’ll find car sharing spaces on parking lot P29 at Terminal 1. After December, 17 you`ll find the car sharing spaces in park row 611 at Terminal 1.

Car2Go users don’t have to refuel vehicles when returning them. They only need to park them on the provided spaces and end the rental period. You’ll find more information on the provider's page.

Book n Drive users only have to refuel returned vehicles if the tank is less than a quarter full. Each vehicle contains a fuel card that can be used at either of the fueling stations near the airport. This offer is free.  The cars can be picked up at the airport and be returned at other car sharing pools or in the business area of Frankfurt. Borrowed vehicles are allowed to park up to 3 hours free of charge in the parking area P29. You’ll find more information on the provider's page.

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