Muslim Prayer Rooms
Muslimischer Gebetsraum

Muslim Prayer Rooms

A quiet moment to pray

You can find in both terminals Muslim prayer rooms. There is also the Friday prayer and during Ramadan you can fast-breaking.

For an international airport operator like Fraport, cultural exchange is of essential importance. Frankfurt Airport represents a microcosm where people of all origins come together. FRA is also a meeting point of all major world religions.

For this reason, we also provide a special service for passengers and employees of the Muslim faith:

Friday prayers

Friday prayers are held in the Muslim prayer room in Terminal 1 every Friday at the time stated in the prayer calendar.

Prayer room for Muslims

  • Terminal 1
    Level 3, Departures B, Room 201.3014-3015
    Level 0, Arrivals C
  • Terminal 2
    Level 3, Pier D Transit, Room 151.3411

In addition, Fraport hosts an Iftar meal during the fasting month of Ramadan. Muslim passengers and airport employees are invited. During Ramadan, those who fast are provided with halal meals every evening for 30 days. Further details can be found in the downloadable information brochure.

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, VA2
Phone: +49(0)69 690-24363

Christian Meyer, VA2

Phone: +49 (0)69 690-70013

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