Gate to Gate
A men uses the Gate to Gate Service

Gate to Gate Service

Transfers made easy – enjoy a relaxed layover!

Now you can comfortably transfer from your arrival gate to your connecting flight at Frankfurt Airport. Our Gate to Gate Service guides you through Frankfurt Airport and helps you clear all formalities. Bookable for up to five persons.

starting from € 119

You only have an hour to change planes, and that at Germany's biggest airport! It can be a real challenge to find your way among the forest of signs, possibly in languages you don’t understand. Not to mention herding your traveling companions, lugging carry-on bags and juggling boarding passes and passports. It can be strenuous and nerve-wracking. Fortunately, there’s a better way!

You’re guided competently and efficiently by the shortest route through Frankfurt Airport to your onward flight. We pick you up directly at your arrival gate and accompany you through all the necessary checkpoints to the onward flight. You can cover most of the distance comfortably in a limousine over the apron or a gate taxi.

If there’s enough time to spare, you can even stop on the way to do some shopping. Your service assistant then says goodbye at the departure gate to let you board on your own.

And for all those who fly to and from Frankfurt, we also offer this service as a package with price advantages - Gate-to-Gate².

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