Yoga Rooms
A woman in the yoga room at Frankfurt Airport

Yoga Rooms

Rest and Relax at Frankfurt Airport

In our yoga rooms, you can relax and do your exercises in a meditative atmosphere before your flight.

Waits go by effortlessly when you make good use of the time. As a special service, we have created yoga rooms at the airport in which you can relax and recharge your batteries while bringing your body, mind, and breath into harmony.
Our yoga rooms feature warm colors and pleasant lighting that will calm and energize you. There are special mats to help you achieve inner serenity before your flight. A large mirror lets you watch your whole body to make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly.

You find the yoga rooms at the following places: 

Terminal 1:
Area C NonSchengen Level 2

Terminal 2:
Area D NonSchengen Level 3


  • Frabot Yoga Raum

Watch the video to see how FRAnky relaxes in one of our yoga rooms.

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