Silent Chairs as your quiet place while waiting
Silent Chairs mit gewölbter Rückenlehne

Silent Chairs

Peace and quiet while waiting

Silent Chairs provide additional opportunities for passengers to get some peace and quiet while waiting for their onward flights.

The Silent Chairs with arched backrests and soundproofing glass panels are oases of quiet and relaxation. Integrated speakers and jacks allow you to enjoy your own music. Small tables with USB ports and power sockets are available to work at.

  • Terminal 1 A, opposite Gate A 58
  • Terminal 2 D, at Gate D 4
  • Terminal 1 A, opposite Gate Z 58
  • Terminal 2 D, near Gate D 9
  • Terminal 1 B, Gate B 23
  • Terminal 2 D, near Gate D 27
  • Terminal 2 E, at Gate E 5
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