Pick-up the animal
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Pick-up the animal

Information on picking up your pet

Directions for animal pick-up at Frankfurt Airport

All animals travelling as excess baggage (checked in at the airline’s counter) are labelled with a baggage tag. Upon arrival in Frankfurt, these animals can be picked up in the same arrival terminal as you pick up your bags. The delivery point for animals in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 is the bulky baggage counter.

Animals travelling alone as Cargo shipment (eventually involving a cargo forwarding agent) are transported under an Air Waybill (11-digit number, i.e. 123-1234 5670) and have to be picked up at the Animal Lounge (Building 463, access via Gate 26).

Depending on the involved air carrier you might have to get to the airline’s cargo office first to pick up the freight documents.

Please be aware that a Veterinary and Customs clearance must be done before you can pick up your animal at the Animal Lounge. Fees and charges occur.

For any questions regarding directions please contact us by mail avi-services@fraport.de

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