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1. Where can I get a transport container for the flight?
The airport luggage service (FGS) will be happy to help you. It keeps containers for transporting animals and bicycles in stock. You’ll find the FGS in Terminal 1, Concourse B (departures level). Make sure to order a container in advance by calling +49 (0) 69 - 690 51211. You can then pick it up an hour or two before your flight.
Where to pick up your animal after the flight:
Many other airports have special counters for picking up bulky baggage. Inquire beforehand where you will have to go.

2. What documents do I need to travel with my pet?
To facilitate traveling with pets to holiday destinations or elsewhere, since 2004 an EU directive has required that a standardized “pet passport” must be carried for each animal. You can obtain this document from any practicing veterinarian who has been authorized by the veterinary health department to issue it. It contains information on your pet’s state of health and proof that it has been vaccinated against rabies.

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