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1. Can I book a convention package (rent for room, catering, technical equipment) in the Airport Conference Center?
In order to give you the best possible price overview of the booked services, services are booked and charged individually. This lets you plan your event according to your specific requirements.

2. When can I have access to the booked conference room?
You can access the conference room 30 minutes before the scheduled start of your meeting.

3. Why must I sign the order confirmation every time something changes with the booking?
So that the changes you make can be checked for accuracy and implemented correctly and are thus acknowledged by you in writing.

4. By when should I book catering services for my event?
You can book catering services up to 48 hours (2 working days) before the start of your event.

5. Where will the catered food i booked be served
We generally serve food and beverages in the conference rooms themselves.
For larger events, we recommend that you book the separate buffet room.

6. Why do I receive two invoices?
You will be invoiced for the services provided by the Airport Conference Center (rent for room, technical equipment) and those of LSG Sky Chefs Lounge GmbH separately.

7. What information should I provide when I have questions about a booking or an invoice?
Questions concerning your order will always require you booking number. For questions concerning invoices, you will need the invoice number or, alternatively, the order number.

8. To what fax number should I send my documents on the day of the event?
The fax number of the reception desk is +49 (0) 69 690 71618.
Please indicate the name of the person who is to receive the documents and the room number of your event on your fax. Your documents will be treated with confidentiality by the employees at the reception desk and will be handed to the mentioned recipient immediately.

9. How is my event organized?
The guests coming to your event will report to the reception desk and be taken by our event assistants to the booked conference room. Our employees at the reception desk will do their best to fulfill any requests that your event guests may have.

10. Who can help me concerning train or flight information/re-booking?
Our employees at the reception desk will gladly assist you in regard to train or flight information/re-booking.

11. Where can I find the nearest Lufthansa check-in kiosk?
You will find the nearest Lufthansa check-in kiosks in Terminal 1, Departure Hall A.

12. What information should I enter in my car's GPS system to find the Airport Conference Center?
Please enter the following destination:

• Flughafen Frankfurt, Hugo-Eckener-Ring, zip code 60547
• Alternative special target: car park P3 – P5

13. Where can I smoke in the Airport Conference Center?
You can only smoke outside the ACC. Smoking is not permitted in the conference rooms due to the non-smoker protection law.

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