Travel Checklist
Checking the checklist

Travel Checklist

What you should keep in mind before flying.

This checklist will help you avoid unpleasant surprising during or after your flight.

  • The permitted size of checked and carry-on bags, weight allowances and rules and charges for excess luggage vary depending on the airline, destination and seat class.
  • Don't take any sharp, pointed or dangerous items, especially not in your carry-on luggage.
  • Keep your ticket, a valid passport or ID, and (if required) your visa handy.
  • Charge your camera and mobile phone beforehand and take extra batteries.
  • Obtain an appropriate plug adapter for the country you will be visiting.
  • Obtain a small amount of local currency in advance for taxis, public transportation and tips.
  • Make sure that your house plants, pets and home will be cared for you are gone. You may want to give a friend or neighbor an extra key.
  • If you plan to take any animals with you, contact the airline prior to booking the flight.
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