Checklist for Unaccompanied Children
Man hooks the checklist on a blackboard with chalk

Checklist for Parents of Unaccompanied Children

What parents of children flying alone should keep in mind.

Your child will receive a yellow shoulder bag that should be worn at all times during the trip and contain the following documents:

  • Air ticket or printout of the flight reservation and completed assistance form
  • Valid passport or child ID
  • Visa for the country your child is traveling to, if required
  • Confirmation of travel medical insurance
  • Multilingual allergy card if relevant
  • Receipt for the assistance fee if already paid
  • Permission from the child’s legal guardians for her/him to travel alone

Make sure to complete and print out the assistance form, ideally in triplicate.

Your child’s carry-on bag should contain the following things:

Any medications that will have to be taken during the flight or after arrival at the destination, a sweater or jacket, and a small amount of cash (recommended). The bag shouldn’t be too heavy for your child to easily carry it without help.

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