A Different Way to Spend the Lunch Hour
Die andere Mittagspause

A Different Way to Spend the Lunch Hour

Music meets the lunch hour. Relaxed and spiritual instead of in a rush.

We’d like to invite you to the monthly concerts, prayers and meditations that we will continue offering this year. Take half an hour to calm down and to concentrate on yourself. The special lunch breaks all take place in the chapel starting (Terminal 1, Concourse B, Room 3080) at 12 noon.

31. October 2016 "Reformationstag"

Dr. Matthias Zieschang (Vorstand Fraport AG)

02. November 2016 "Ensemble Rare-a-tete" concert

01. December 2016 "Advent at Taubengrund" Tina Ballas concert
07. December 2016 "Angels on Air"
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