Waiting time displays
Display of Waiting Times at the safety check

Waiting time displays

Waiting times at the checkpoints seen on the App or at the terminal

To let you plan better for the frequently unavoidable waits at security and passport checkpoints, you can find out the expected waiting times at passport and security checks in real time .

Now you can see before leaving home just how early you should leave for the airport in order to catch your flight without stress despite long lines at the checkpoints. This information is also displayed in real time on the information kiosks at Frankfurt Airport. It is available in German, English, and Chinese.

A sensor-fed system tracks the amount of time that passes between when passengers arrive at a checkpoint and when they leave it. The waiting times calculated from these data are displayed on monitors in the terminals. You can also select a checkpoint on an interactive map and display the best route for getting to it from your current location.

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