Parking with QR-Code at Frankfurt Airport
parking icon and qr code

Parking with QR-Code

For online bookings

A practical QR-Code usable for the popular early-bird online and weekend tariff. Book now and save up to 61%.

Parking with QR-Code

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And this is how it works:

Save the QR code on your smartphone or print it out.

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At the car park barrier, hold the QR code in front of the entry gate scanner.  

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The barrier will open and you can park your car.

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Our parking system sends the parking level and your parking row to your provided Email-address. For security reasons we recommend to note the information or to take a photo, if you are not able to access the information.

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After your arrival, return to your vehicle and drive straight to the exit. When you leave the car park, hold the same QR code in front of the exit gate scanner and drive out.

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