Lost and Found

Owners of lost items

Information for Owners

For items lost in aircrafts or trains refer to the relevant companies.

Items found on the airport site or in the terminals are stored at the Airport Lost & Found Office at Frankfurt Airport. Items found on aircraft or trains are handed in to the relevant companies.

Items found are stored for 3 months and then sold. Exceptions are perishable goods, such as foodstuffs, which are disposed of immediately. Found items can be collected personally at the Lost & Found office after paying an administration charge during the opening times . To collect an item you will need:

  • a valid photo ID,
  • the date on which it was lost,  and
  • a precise description or proof of ownership.

You can also ask a third party to collect your lost item. To do so, that person also needs to bring a power of attorney with them or fax it to us.

If it is not possible for you to collect your lost belongings, we can send them to you within Germany as well as an international shipment to most countries for up to a value of € 500.00 using our parcels service provider. In Case of a higher value, please engage a courier service of your choice.

On returning any lost & found item to its legitimate owner, we are required to inform the finder of the owner's name and address so that the finder can claim any finder's reward from the owner.

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