Lost and Found

Leaflet for finders

Information for Finders of lost items

The legislation on items found in government buildings and transportation facilities has changed (Sections 978-982 of the German Civil Code). The changes also apply to Frankfurt Airport, as noted in the Regulations on Use of the Airport. The following rules now apply to rewards:

  1. You are only entitled to a reward for finding a lost item if:
    - The item found is worth at least € 50
    - You are not an employee of the Fraport AG or any of the companies contracted to clean    indoor or outdoor areas or transportation facilities or vehicles at the airport.
    - After finding the item, you have not failed, either intentionally or as a result of gross negligence, to turn it in to the Lost & Found Office.
    - You have not previously waived your entitlement to a reward.
  2. For items worth up to € 500, the reward is equal to 2.5 % of their value. For more valuable items, 1.5% of the amount exceeding €500 is added. For example, you would be rewarded with € 2.50 for an object valued at € 100, but € 14 for one worth € 600 (2.5 % of € 500 plus 1.5 % of € 100). A special rule applies to animals, for which the reward is equal to 1.5 % of their total value.
  3. During the first three years after the finding of an item is publicly announced, you may only demand a reward from the owner if he or she has already retrieved the item. If this is the case, Fraport AG will let you know the owner's address so you can request the reward from them.
  4. If a found item is not picked up by its loser within three years, ownership of it passes to Fraport AG. We will notify you accordingly. At your request, we will then transfer the reward to your bank account. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to keep the item in question.

We hope we have been of service to you by providing you with the information given above and thank you for your attention on behalf of the loser of such property.

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