Auctions of lost items
auction hammer

Auctions of lost items

Lost property will be kept for you at the airport for 3 months, afterwards the lost property will be auctioned.

Frankfurt Airport keep lost and returned items for three months. Unless they are claimed by that time, they are auctioned off. Auctions are regularly held by a publicly appointed and certified auctioneer.


Römerhalle Dieburg

In der Altstadt 5

64807 Dieburg


Rolf-Engelbrecht-Haus Weinheim

Breslauer Str. 40/1

69469 Weinheim


Kongresshalle Gießen

Berliner Platz 2

35390 Gießen


Sport- und Kulturhalle Gelnhausen-Meerholz

Am Viadukt 12

63571 Gelnhausen-Meerholz


Kulturhaus Käfertal

Gartenstraße 8

68309 Mannheim-Käfertal


New auction dates will also be announced here. All auctions start at 12 noon; admission starts at 10 a.m. For more information on auctions, visit the organizer's website (in German only).

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