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Prepare well. Enjoy a relaxed trip.

Enjoy a relaxed travel from Frankfurt Airport to the most popular destinations in the world.

In order to give effective assistance to make your vacation as convenient as possible we provide you with some valuable tips and advices for your travel arrangements, your arrival and departure, as well as some information about your stay at Frankfurt Airport. We wish you a pleasant stay and a safe journey! Please inquire abbot your airline’s luggage regulations as those may vary depending on your airline.

  • Prepare well. Enjoy a relaxed trip.

Prepare well. Before leaving home. 

  •  Use online check-in
  •  Minimize carry-on items
  •  Arrive at the airport at least 2.5 hours before departure
  •  If you arrive by car we recommend that you book your parking lot in advance

Prepare well. Packing.

  • Put rechargeable batteries, power banks and e-cigarettes inside your carry-on bag
  • Follow the rules on liquids and gels in carry-on bags (100 ml containers in a plastic bag with a max. capacity of 1 liter)
  • Don't take any prohibited items (e.g. blades longer than 6 cm, pepper sprays, ect.)

Prepare well. At the security checkpoint.

  • Put small items in jacket pockets (e.g. coins, watches and keys)
  • Place jackets and liquids in a tray (100 ml containers in a plastic bag with a max. capacity of 1 liter)
  • Place electronic devices in a separate tray (e.g. tablets, e-books and laptops)

Prepare well. At the airport.

  • After check-in, proceed immediately to the security check
  • Use automated passport control lanes
    (EasyPASS) if possible
  • Pay attention to the information displayed on the monitors as gate changes might occur
Passing time at Frankfurt Airport
After the security and passport control you can enjoy a diverse range of activities before your departure. There are free services such as the Movie World, Gaming World, Yoga Rooms, an Entertainment Gate or the Rooftop open air deck in terminal 1, Lounges, Play areas and even various shopping and restaurants offers.
Additional information and advices can be found in the Download Center.
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