Traveler places his personnel ID on the document reader


Automated EasyPASS border checks at Frankfurt Airport make it easier to enter and leave.

EasyPASS lets you clear border checks faster. Thanks to this automated system, travelers can pass through in seconds.

You place your e-passport or personal ID on the document scanner, which reads and authenticates digital data stored on it. Then you step into the lock and look at the camera so that the system can compare the image with your biometric photograph on your travel document. If the data match, you have permission to proceed and the lock opens to let you out. You repeat the same procedure when returning home after your trip.

EasyPASS is available for holders of electronic passports (ePassports) from the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland – provided that you are at least 12 years old.

There are EasyPASS locks in both terminals at Frankfurt Airport, right next to the conventional border checks.

More information on EasyPASS is available on the website of the German Federal Police.

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