AiRail check-in
AiRail check-in

AiRail check-in in the Squaire

Conveniently drop your luggage off here on your way from the long-distance train station.

Right after arriving at the long-distance train station at Frankfurt Airport, you have the possibility of dropping off your luggage in the nearby AiRail Terminal. To find it, begin walking across the pedestrian bridge that connects to Terminal 1; you will immediately see it on the right.


Your benefits:
• Only a short walk to the check-in counters
• Short waits
• Drop off your checked luggage right after arriving by train
• A relaxed start to your trip
• More time to enjoy the rich offerings at the airport

The pamphlet available for download below contains a list of all participating airlines in the right-hand column.

Airlines A-Z
Here is a list of the check-in counters in the AiRail Terminal
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