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Get a professional consultation by our Frankfurt Airport Wempe-Team. Just leave your phone number and Email-address when making a reservation, and our consultants will contact you!

The Hamburg, Germany-based jewelers of the tradition-steeped company of Wempe offer a wide range of fine watches and jewelry of various brands that are sure to include the right piece for every taste and occasion. Premium engagement rings are a current special.

If you insist on topnotch service and advice while traveling as well, you can turn with confidence to the staff of Wempe in its first shop at Frankfurt Airport. Count on them to find the right piece of jewelry or watch to suit your taste, special occasion, and budget. They have a huge selection of fine watches and jewelry at their fingertips.

A special offer now available at Wempe at the airport is 18-carat white gold engagement rings from the shop’s own “Promise BY KIM” line. The solitaire and memoire rings with brilliant-cut diamonds of various sizes can be reserved online in all popular sizes. Simply provide a phone number and/or email address, and the shop’s staff will contact you to discuss the details of your order.

Wempe can also be reached via WeChat: at wempe22airport.

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