We are Here for Your Well-Being
Spa with candles and stones

We are Here for Your Well-Being

Enjoy your stay at Frankfurt Airport and take time to relax.

From a massage to a new hairstyling: At Frankfurt Airport you can treat yourself with a dose of wellness.

How about doing yourself a totally relaxing favor? Before catching your flight out, treat yourself to an ultimate beauty and wellness experience at Frankfurt Airport. You’ll find everything you need to pamper your body and soul and enhance your beauty and health.




be relax Pure Wellness. For Relaxing Moments.

Terminal 1, Area Z, Level 3

Terminal 1, Area B, Level 2

Metropolitan Pharmacy / Apotheke More than a Pharmacy.

Terminal 1, Area B, Level 2

Terminal 2, Area D, Level 3

Tröndle Ihr Friseur am Airport Perfect Hair. Anytime. Terminal 1, Area C, Level 0
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