Meeting Special Dietary Needs at Frankfurt Airport
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Meeting Special Dietary Needs at Frankfurt Airport

There are many good reasons to pay attention to what you eat. Here is some information on the special meals available at the airport.

All of the restaurants, cafés and snack bars in the terminals serve one or more vegetarian dishes, and many of them also have vegan and gluten-free foods on the menu. We’ve compiled the following list on the basis of information we have received from them. Lactose-free milk is also available at practically all of them on request.
Don’t hesitate to speak to their staff if you have questions or special wishes; they will gladly advise you on what is available. It’s also a good idea to contact your airline in advance to find out which meals it offers to meet special dietary, religious or nutritional requirements.

We’re looking forward to your visit!

Explanation of symbols
Only accessible to passengers                              = ○
In the presecurity (public) terminal areas            = ●
Available                                                                    = ✓
Not available                                                             = x  

Restaurant   Location vegetarian vegan gluten-free
Anton & Anni T1, Pier Z x
Asia T1, Pier B x
Backwerk T1, Pier C x
Bistrot T1, Hall B 
Burger King T2, Pier D
Caffè Kimbo T1, Pier A
COA T1, Pier A
Coffee Fellows

T1, Pier Z

T1, Pier C

Cosi Asiate T1, Pier B
Carviar House & Prunier

 T1, Pier A,

T1, Pier B,

T2, Pier D/E

Deli. Bros T1, Pier B
Food Society T2, Pier D x
Goethe Bar T1, Pier B
Goodman & Filippo T1, Pier A
Hausmann`s T1, Pier A

T1, Arrival B

T2, Pier E

Kuffler & Bucher T1, Pier B
Lucalino T1, Pier A
Lucullus Nero T1, Pier Z, Atrium x
LUDWIGS T2, Pier D, Food Plaza

 T1, Pier A, ACM

T1, Pier B

T1, Pier Z

T2, Pier D, Food Plaza

Meyer Deli Coffee Kitchen

T1, Pier A

T1, Pier B

T1, Pier B

Mishba T1, Pier A x
Mondo T2, Pier D
Mondo Bars T1, Pier C
Mondo Bianco T1, Pier A
MoschMosch T2, Pier E
Perfect Day T1, Pier A x
Puro Gusto

T1, Pier A

T1, Pier B


T1, Airport City Mall

T1, Pier A
T1, Pier B


T1, Pier C

T1, Pier B

T2, Pier E

The Squaire

The Bar T1, Pier Z, Atrium x
VITO T2, Pier D, Food Plaza
Yuna T1, Pier A
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