Chinese Personal Shopper Service
Chinese Personal Shopper

Chinese Personal Shopper Service

Shopping Advice and Assistance in Mandarin

Our Chinese Personal Shoppers can turn shopping at Frankfurt Airport into a uniquely enjoyable experience!

They can advise you on currently popular products and are familiar with all of the main brands sold at the airport. And perhaps most importantly, they can help you communicate with shop staff, since they speak Mandarin, German and English fluently. They are equally at home with the cultures of China and Europe. Our Personal Shoppers are also available to help you deal with the customs service and obtain value-added tax refunds.

This service is free of charge, and you can also reserve it in advance.

Where to find the Chinese Personal Shoppers:

You can find Personal Shoppers every day in the marketplaces of both airport terminals. They are wearing a blue-and-white uniform and a shoulder bag with a Chinese flag.

Contact / Reservations

You can also contact the Personal Shoppers by phone and email:

Phone:  +49 (0) 174 1550606


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