Get Where You Want to Go
Travelers stand in front of a interactive airport map

Get Where You Want to Go

Shopping at the airport is now even easier—thanks to a new interactive airport map!

These days there are so many shopping opportunities that it isn’t easy to keep track of them all. But we’ve come up with a solution! Called the Interactive Airport Desk, it gives you tips, communicates with your mobile device, and lets you navigate quickly and conveniently to your destination.

An Interactive Airport Desk is now operating in Terminal 1, Concourse B, and another is planned for Terminal 2. It can currently be used in German, English, and Chinese. Simply tap where you want to go; you’re then shown how to get there together with information about the many shops and services available along the way. If you indicate a flight, you also learn about things like waits and any changes to the gate, departure time etc.
For maximum convenience, simply use your mobile device to scan a QR-code displayed on interactive map—and presto, all of the information appears right in your hand. Finding your way around the airport has never before been this simple and enjoyable!

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