The shopping areas of Terminal 3 will be in a class of their own. Bustling with a wide variety of exclusive monobrand shops, they will form an elegant milieu in which to browse topnotch products and make purchases.

Terminal 3 and its capacity for an additional 14 million passengers a year will also inevitably boost purchasing power at Frankfurt Airport. Especially since travelers will be treated to a classy shopping and dining experience in an ultramodern ambience.

Retailers and restaurant operators have prime opportunities to present their offerings to best effect here on a total of 10,000 square meters. The spacious marketplace in Terminal 3, supplemented by appealing retail zones in the piers and pre-security zones, will offer passengers and visitors an enormous choice of airport shopping and dining opportunities that are on a par with the best in the world and hard to resist. Shop operators can profit from a steady stream of deep-pocketed consumers from all over the globe. The adjacent lounge areas overlooking the apron also give travelers space to relax and recharge their batteries so they can get back to shopping with renewed zeal.

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