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Your time is precious! Terminal 3 will offer our passengers fast procedures and direct paths at the airport for everything from check-in across transfers to baggage retrieval. We’ll be doing everything possible, with leading-edge technology and maximum comfort and convenience, to make sure you have a great trip.

Terminal 3 will have the effect of significantly upgrading the entire airport’s infrastructure. Frankfurt Airport is growing, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to spend more time getting from place to place. To minimize transfer times, we are seamlessly integrating all connections with fast baggage handling and a new, extended passenger transportation system. This brand new, autonomously operating people mover will take travelers from Terminal 3 via Terminal 2 to Terminal 1―and vice versa―in a mere eight minutes. You can therefore count on relaxed transfers to continuing flights.

All passengers can also look forward to an attractive dining and shopping experience in Terminal 3. The comfortable, modern ambience of Terminal 3 will be just right for savoring the fine cuisines on offer and leisurely checking out products of leading international brands. Your trip is thus guaranteed to get off to a great start at Frankfurt Airport.

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