Getting Places
Passagiertransport Terminal 3

Getting Places

Terminal 3 will be quick and easy to access via excellent road connections. To benefit users of public transportation and those changing planes at Frankfurt Airport, we are also replacing our existing on-site passenger transportation system.

Your time is valuable. Which is why we’re doing everything possible to make sure you can get to and from Terminal 3 quickly and conveniently. Among other things, we’re building a new passenger transportation system similar to the existing SkyLine to link Terminal 3 with the other two terminals. The trip from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 will only take about eight minutes, with a brief stop at Terminal 2.

State of the art: Freely combinable, fully automated vehicles with a maximum width of three meters will travel in both directions. We will ensure fast, reliable connections year-round without any interruptions―and without requiring you to wait more than two minutes at the most. We’re committed to making sure that you can catch your onward flight without stress, 365 days a year.

Get in the loop: For the new airport people mover system, we’re building a loop nearly six kilometers long that will run partly at ground level and partly on elevated supports. It will have enough capacity to carry more than 3000 travelers an hour between Terminals 1, 2 and 3. We want you to quickly get to your destination at Frankfurt Airport by the most direct route. Terminal 3 will of course also be easy to get to and from by taxi, travel coach or car.

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